Structure of the KidsMarketing program

The KidsMarketing program consists of four educational blocks and is intended for children from 6 to 14 years old. All the blocks are logical continuation of each other and therefore are studied by children one after another. If you start studying the program with the second or third block, the entire logical chain is lost.
Each block of the program has 25 sections (100 sections for 4 years).
Each section has three lessons.
The material of 75 lessons is covered within one academic year (300 lessons for 4 years).
Each lesson includes tasks of three levels of complexity: initial — for children of 6-8 years old, basic — for children of 9-11 years old, advanced — for children of 12-14 years old.

Performing the task of each section involves the work of the teacher and pupils with various media materials:

The online working book with theoretical material

Animated educational videos on the theoretical material

Interactive exercises: text, audio, video and photo tasks

Practical tasks: drawing, calculations, visualization, graphing


The online economic game “Income and expenses”

Cases from the practice of a well-known company or successful businessman


The process of training involves using the computer equipment:

Interactive whiteboard Personal tablets or computers
for pupils



Classroom speaker system (stereo speakers) Personal audio headset with the voice recording option (for each pupil)

All the materials of the KidsMarketing program are in the online training system. A separate course, accounts for the teacher and pupils are registered for each school. Our experts customize the training system and ensure its technical support during the entire period of cooperation. You only need to provide information about pupils and teachers (the full name, form, date of birth, phone, e-mail.

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Marketer, business lady with 15 years’ experience.


Founder of:

the franchise network of the kid’s training centers “TEREMOK-UNION” (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa);
the private school “Capital Union School” (Kyiv).

Additional information:

member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association;
author of articles and publications about marketing and franchising.




applicant for a Ph.D. degree in Economics and Enterprise Management (the defense is planned for the autumn of 2018);
author of more than 30 scientific works;
5 years’ of experience in promoting companies in different business spheres.


Participation in the branding of:











Psychologist, business lady with 10 years’ experience.


Co-Founder of:

the franchise network of kid’s training centers “TEREMOK-UNION” (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa);
the private school “Capital Union School” (Kyiv).



Teacher, accountant-economist, psychotherapist.


Educational experience — 17 years, which includes working as:

methodologist of the Extramural Department at the Kirovohrad Institute of Regional Management and Economics;
teacher of the Department of Economics of the Kirovohrad Institute of Regional Management and Economics;
teacher of the Department of Finance and Accounting of the University of Modern Knowledge (Kyiv);
teacher of Basics of Business at the private school “Capital Union School” (Kyiv);
practicing psychotherapist (a diploma in psychotherapy of Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy (Wiesbaden).


Additional information:

applicant for the Ph.D. in Accounting and Audit.



Programmer at “UNIQ Web-Studio”.