About the KidsMarketing program

100 real cases from practices of famous companies and successful businessmen are considered in the course of the 4-year program. Successful cases show children the correctness of the decisions made in these or those market situations. Cases of unsuccessful market decisions show children errors of the management and reasons of their emergence with the subsequent analysis.

The KidsMarketing program involves educational work with children as well. They are taught to be responsible for adoption of administrative decisions, distribution of funds, choice of a development strategy, and other commitments assumed by businessmen. Our program teaches children to make bank payments, pay salary to employees, repay loans, and pay taxes in due time.

The KidsMarketing program contributes to full development of pupils’ personality:

cultivates leadership skills; teaches financial literacy, to deal with bureaucracy, understand laws and cultural norms, and the way they influence activities of a businessman;
developes teamwork skills, teaches to use a creative approach in solving problems, sell goods or service, conduct an interview, make presentations, see potential business opportunities;
forms business thinking and desire to achieve the set objectives; inspires to act; lays the foundation for independence and tenacity.

Sections of the KidsMarketing program deal with the following issues:

Circular flows of economic activity of society Financial activities of a hired worker



Setting up a business: choosing a niche, developing and scaling up Investment activities of a businessman


The KidsMarketing program shows children advantages and shortcomings of the life of an ordinary hired worker, successful businessman and independent investor. The program contributes to developing entrepreneurial qualities, understanding social roles that exist in the modern world, forming an idea of fundamentals of entrepreneurship and creating an orientation and motivation basis for making a conscious choice of the sphere of entrepreneurship. 

In addition to classroom activities pupils studying under the KidsMarketing program have a unique opportunity to attend excursions to enterprises of various business spheres, including:


Confectionery factory Automobile dealer Mobile operator



Household appliances plant Transport mechanical engineering plant Food production plant

Bank Chain of grocery supermarkets Private clinic

The 4-year training will form in children:

thinking based on the idea that business and investment is the best option to realize their ambitions;
personal qualities that are a basis of business thinking and behavior —creative potential, proactivity, independence, self-confidence, leadership skills, ability to take risks and manage a team;
specific business skills and knowledge of how to create a business and successfully run it;
experience obtained as a result of participation in real business projects as a hired worker, director or owner.

After 4 years of studying under the KidsMarketing program pupils will know:

how to make money;
what money turnover is;
how the country’s economy works;
what professions are in demand in various spheres of business today;
what the difference between goods and services is;
what a market is, and what types of markets there exist;
who market participants are;
what marketing is, and what role it plays in the modern world;
what needs are, and what needs there can be;
how to properly distribute family budget;
what sources of income and expenses a family has;
what types of business there exist;
how to choose a niche market;
what a business portfolio is;
what is necessary to start a project;
how to hire and keep good employees;
how to calculate cost of services or goods;
what sources of financing entrepreneurship there exist;
what sources of financing of business activity exist;
what is necessary for registration of a natural and legal entity;
who an investor is, what his/her role is, how to find an investor, what needs to be done to attract investment into a project;
what taxes are, and how they are allocated;
what distinguishes companies in the market and how they impress the buyer;
how to bring new goods or services to the market;
how to create a logo, develop the corporate style of a company, advertising materials and souvenir products;
how to create a website and promote it on the Internet;
how to learn the art of copywriting and public presentations;
what advertising is, and what advertising purposes there can be;
how to make an advertising budget;
what the product life cycle is, and how to manage it;
how to survive in a competitive environment;
what a strategy is and what the right way to define the strategy of a business is;
who leaders, applicants for leadership, followers and nichers are;
what earnings of a hired employee, self-employed person, businessman, investor are;
how to evaluate efficiency of a business project;
secrets of successful Ukrainian businessmen;
how well-known Ukrainian and international companies operate;
the reasons why entrepreneurs close down their business;
understanding that life is a series of ups and downs, without which the development is impossible;
as well as many other things!

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Marketer, business lady with 15 years’ experience.


Founder of:

the franchise network of the kid’s training centers “TEREMOK-UNION” (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa);
the private school “Capital Union School” (Kyiv).

Additional information:

member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association;
author of articles and publications about marketing and franchising.




Ph.D. degree in Economics and Enterprise Management;
author of more than 30 scientific works;
5 years’ of experience in promoting companies in different business spheres.


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Psychologist, business lady with 10 years’ experience.


Co-Founder of:

the franchise network of kid’s training centers “TEREMOK-UNION” (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa);
the private school “Capital Union School” (Kyiv).



Teacher, accountant-economist, psychotherapist.


Educational experience — 17 years, which includes working as:

methodologist of the Extramural Department at the Kirovohrad Institute of Regional Management and Economics;
teacher of the Department of Economics of the Kirovohrad Institute of Regional Management and Economics;
teacher of the Department of Finance and Accounting of the University of Modern Knowledge (Kyiv);
teacher of Basics of Business at the private school “Capital Union School” (Kyiv);
practicing psychotherapist (a diploma in psychotherapy of Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy (Wiesbaden).


Additional information:

Ph.D. in Accounting and Audit.



Programmer at “UNIQ Web-Studio”.